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You’ll be able to find the Blasphemous Full Map in this guide. Blasphemous is a Metroidvania video game published by Team17 and developed by Spanish studio The Game Kitchen. On September 10, 2019, the game was launched for Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and on September 21, 2020, it was released for macOS and Linux. In 2017, it began as a Kickstarter effort.’

Moreover, we have shared some points of interest locations as well as valuable.

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Blasphemous Full Map 2022

Blasphemous Full Map: Locations

— A Confessor Statue, Chapel of Travel, and Mea Culpa Altar may be found in the Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow. This is also where you’ll find the Jailed Ghost.

Holy Line: After the Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow and before Albero Petrous, the Penitent One discovers the here.

Petrous: An ancient and desolate place located in an underground cave within the Holy Line.

Echoes of Salt is a new location in The Stir of Dawn DLC that connects the Mountains of the Endless Dusk, Jondo, and the Desecrated Cistern.

Albero is a settlement on the outskirts of Cvstodia, and the Wasteland of Buried Churches is the area immediately after Albero. The Penitent departs from here. You can either go on to Mercy Dreams or Where Olive Trees Wither.

Mercy Dreams appears to be an abandoned jail, complete with cells, chains, and crumbling walls.

The Desecrated Cistern is a massive sewer with multiple entrances. It is initially accessed through Mercy Dreams.

The Endless Dusk Mountains are one of Cvstodia’s mountainous regions, and their valley is home to the huge bell. Jondo

Jondo is found below the Endless Dusk Mountains and above Grievance Ascends. It’s dark and grey, with a lot of ladders, lifts, and walls that can be climbed.

Grievance Ascends is located beneath Jondo and is the cause of the Groan phenomena. The Tres Angustias is the source of this..

Enclosed Convent

The Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage is an abbey located atop the snowy mountains and is accessible via Graveyard of the Peaks

The Bridge of the Three Calvaries connects the Wasteland of the Buried Churches with the Mother of Mothers

Where Olive Trees Wither: This region is preceded by the Graveyard of the Peaks and can be reached via the Wasteland of the Buried Churches.

The Ferrous Tree added in The Stir of Dawn DLC is a small, vertical area inside a hollow tree

Graveyard of the Peaks is part of the cold, mountainous region of Cvstodia, and can be accessed via Where Olive Trees Wither and Albero

Deogracias will be standing next to the Prie Dieu shrine when you first arrive at the Patio of the Silent Steps. The Knot of the Three Words is located within the Mother of Mothers, and according to Deogracias, this is where the First Miracle occurred.

The Mother of Mothers is a grand but enigmatic church that is only open to persons of high ecclesiastical status.

— The Strife & Ruin update included a short section called “All the Tears of the Sea.” It can be found by continuing straight from the Three-Word Knot.

— The Mother of Mothers leads to the Library of the Negated Words, with one passage leading further into The Sleeping Canvases and another leading back up to the Patio of the Silent Steps. The Sleeping Canvases are heretical works of art and artifacts that should not be seen by the believers.

— No work of art can compare to the miracle’s divine beauty. The Archcathedral Rooftops offer a breathtaking perspective of the cathedral’s exquisite construction below and beyond.

— The Holy Prohibitions Wall is the jail of His Holiness’ Church Deambulatory:

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