Cats and Soup Game Tips

Cats and Soup Game Tips

Auto-Selling Items at a Loss Should Be Avoided

Items that are ready for sale are displayed at the bottom of the screen, as I mentioned previously. If you don’t tap to sell an item to a customer, goods will continue to pile up on the bottom until there’s no more room. When eight items accumulate at the bottom of the screen, the first item on the far left is immediately sold at a significant discount.

Only half of the item’s original price will be paid to you. To minimize such losses, touch on products rapidly to sell them for the best price. That’s the very first Cats and Soup Game Tips to improve your game.

Increase the Main Cooking Facility to Raise the Price

Raising the main cooking facility in the middle will raise the price of all soups marginally.

To upgrade the boring cooking facility, tap on it and then on the level number. You will be directed to the leveling-up screen. You must have enough gold to level it up.

Upgrading the cooking facility will only provide you with a small rise in gold. Upgrading this facility from level 1 to level 10 will increase the price by one each time it is leveled up. From level 11 onwards, scaling up this facility increases the soup sale price by 2 from level 11–20, and so on. As a result, a slight price increase will occur every ten levels.

Improve Slicing Capabilities

The greatest technique to significantly improve soup selling price in Cats and Soup Game Tips is to upgrade all vegetable slicing stations, such as carrot and cabbage slicing facilities.

Tap on the carrot or cabbage slicer, then the level number. More gold will be required to level up the vegetable slicer facilities. However, the price of all soups, especially bland soups, will skyrocket.

As you continue, you will gain access to more advanced features such as peelers and juicers. Upgrade them to boost their resale value.

Increase the selling price by using recipe points

Resting places will earn you recipe points. To access the build menu, tap the hammer icon in the lower-right area of the screen. Go to “Rest,” and then set up a resting area for your cats. After a long day of slicing and peeling vegetables, these cute felines will relax or play in a resting area.

Make a Bower or a Trampoline for your cats and let them relax, listen to music, and play after a long day at work. When they leave a resting area after having had their fill, they will give you recipe points (green lightning icon). To gain recipe points, tap the lightning icon. They will be gathered.

Now, next to the hammer icon, tap on the small red-bound book. On the screen, a new menu will display. In this section, you can utilize recipe points to enhance the selling price of soups like carrot, cabbage, and bland soups by a set proportion.



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