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Everyone is invited to join us here. You may learn more about the upgrades, codes, and other crucial issues by reading the following sentences: Cats and soup tips Guide is a visually appealing and tranquil video game from Hideo. You’ll adore the hand-drawn illustrations. The visual aesthetic and acoustic effects are fantastic! The relaxing music and the sound of rain will appeal to ASMR enthusiasts.

To put it mildly, the level of detail paid to a cat’s actions and behavior is excellent. When interacting with diverse facilities and situations, every cat will behave differently. The game also has a day/night cycle and a weather system, which makes everything in the cartoony environment appear

An idle game is Cats and Soup. You’ll need to help adorable kitties prepare delectable food for their patrons. Start by making soups, and as you go, make other products like juices to grow your business. You will need to engage cats to manage more and more facilities as you construct them. If you have created a carrot slicer, then get a cat to slice carrots for you, gather the sliced carrots in a bag, take it to the kitchen, and put the sliced carrots in the cauldron to make carrot soup. Even when you are not playing, your feline companions will continue to earn gold for you. In this comprehensive Cats and Soup game guide, learn what’s cooking and what to do:

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About the Game and Cats and soup Tips Guide

You make the mouthwatering broth for your clients in the kitchen in the center. The mechanical timer above the crafting station indicates that the adorable white cat will need some time to make soup. The mechanical timer ends its countdown and a bowl of insipid broth is produced.

The prepared bowl is gathered at the bottom of the screen once the soup has been cooked. To sell the soup bowl to your customer and receive gold in exchange, tap on it. The top of the screen shows the total gold acquired so far. The main form of payment in this game is gold. The cat continues to make soup at regular times. Up until you tap to sell them to your customers, bowls that are ready for purchase and consumption will keep accumulating at the bottom of the screen.

Avoid Auto-Selling Items at a Loss

As I mentioned previously, the bottom of the screen displays products that are available for purchase. Items will keep piling up on the bottom if you don’t tap to sell them to customers until there is no room for any more. The first thing on the far left will be immediately sold off at a steep discount when eight items accumulate at the bottom of the screen.

Only 50% of the item’s original cost will be paid to you. Quickly tap on products to sell them at the proper price to prevent such losses.

Upgrade the Main Cooking Facility to Increase Price

The cost of all soups will be slightly raised by upgrading the central cooking area.

Tap the cooking facility to improve it, then tap the level number. The level-up screen will then be displayed for you. To level it up, you must have enough gold.

The amount of gold will barely rise with an upgrade to the kitchen. Every time this facility is upgraded, from level 1 to level 10, the cost goes up by one. The price of the soup will go up by two per level after level 11 from level 11 through level 20, and so on. In this manner, a small price increase will take place every ten levels.

Level Up Slicing Facilities

The best approach to significantly raise soup prices is to improve all vegetable cutting stations, including the ones for carrot and cabbage.

Tap the level number after tapping the carrot or cabbage slicer. To level up the vegetable slicer facilities, you will need additional gold. All soups, even those that are bland, will see a significant price increase.

You will be able to access more sophisticated amenities as you develop, including peelers and juicers. To raise the selling price, upgrade them.

Use Recipe Points to Increase Selling Price

From rest areas, you will gain recipe points. To access the build menu, tap on the hammer icon in the lower-right area of the screen. Place a resting facility for your cats after selecting “Rest.” These lovely felines will rest or play in a rest area after a strenuous session of chopping and peeling vegetables.

After a long day of work, give your kitties a Bower or Trampoline to enjoy some shade, music, and playtime. They will award you recipe points when they depart a resting location after indulging to their heart’s content (green lightning icon). For recipe points, tap the lightning icon. If you don’t tap to collect them, they will be picked up automatically.

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