Cookie Run Kingdom Best Team 2022

Cookie Run Kingdom Best Team — Following the introduction of the latest Cookies, the library of characters in Cookie Run Kingdom has grown to about 70. They are separated into eight classes based on their ability level. Cookies’ distinct skills are the primary reason for the meta’s continual evolution and the rarity of recurring teams in PvP battles.

Experimenting with different team compositions and builds is an important part of becoming a pro at Cookie Run Kingdom, but it does not ensure victory.

Read on Cookie Run Kingdom Best team Guide to learn about several teams that can help a player succeed in the current meta.

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Cookie Run Kingdom Best Team 2022

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Cookie Run Kingdom Best Team 2022

4. New Cheese Comp

Front: Tea Knight Cookie and Cocoa Cookie.

Mid: Sea Fairy Cookie and Eclair Cookie.

Rear: Frost Queen Cookie

After many nerfs to Kumiho Cookie, Cheese Comps were mostly edited out of the Cookie Run: Kingdom meta, but they’ve lately witnessed a resurgence following the January 19 update. Tea Knight and Cocoa will defend the Front, while all three Cookies in the Mid and Rear will do maximum damage and finish out their opponents before the Front line’s resilience runs out.

The new Cookie Run: Kingdom update made it easier to locate the right toppings for this squad. If survivability is a concern, players can remove Cocoa from the front, leave Tea Knight alone in the front, and add a healing cookie to the back.

This Cookie Run: Kingdom team can use the Insignia of Indomitable Knights treasure, which is an optional yet useful addition. Players should keep an eye on this space for the most up-to-date information about Cookie Run: Kingdom updates and releases.

5. Charge Comp

Front: Tea Knight Cookie and Strawberry Crepe Cookie

Middle: Eclair Cookie and Sorbet Shark Cookie

Rear: Pure Vanilla Cookie

After the recent Cookie Run: Kingdom update, this is the new meta squad, which includes the new Cookies as well as some old fan favorites. Strawberry Crepe will knock the adversaries back and cause minor damage in this area, allowing Tea Knight and Sorbet Shark to rush through enemy lines and deal heavy damage.

With her HP shield, Éclair takes up a Support/DPS role here, allowing Tea Knight and Sorbet to charge in as much as possible while also dealing DMG to aid their effort. Pure Vanilla assures that none of these Cookies perish before the level is completed.

This concludes the Cookie Run Kingdom Best Team Guide.

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