Cookie Run Kingdom Best Team 2022

Cookie Run Kingdom Best Team 2022

It’s worth noting that while all of the Cookies indicated here are excellent investments, assembling a set of whatever Cookies players have from the ones listed here isn’t a definite way to win Cookie Run Kingdom.

Players are free to experiment with the same as they see fit, but Cookie Run Kingdom’s gameplay is constructed so that each Cookie on a team must compliment the others for optimal performance.

1. Double Tank

Front: Hollyberry Cookie and Strawberry Crepe Cookie

Middle: Frost Queen and Sea Fairy Cookie

Rear: Cotton Cookie

Two Defense Cookies in front to knock the enemy back and deal an initial round of damage, and two DPS in the middle to finish them off, with a healer refilling their HP before the following group of foes. This should indicate that the enemy team is on a cooldown in Cookie Run Kingdom PvP matches.

The inclusion of Hollyberry and Strawberry Crepe is critical in this situation, with the DPS characters being adaptable to the player’s playstyle. For optimum output, this Cookie Run Kingdom Best team would need a good healer who can preferably also deal some damage, such as Cotton or the new Éclair Cookie.

2. Summoner Comp

Front: Snow Sugar Cookie

Middle: Frost Queen Cookie and Pumpkin Cookie

Rear: Pure Vanilla Cookie and Cotton Cookie

“Summoner” here refers to the Cookies on the team having the ability to conjure allies on the battlefield to fight alongside them, like Snow Sugar and Pumpkin Pie do.

This allows the Cookies to have higher survivability as they are secure on their end and their summoned allies are behind enemy lines. Also, note the definite emphasis on Cookies who have “stun” capabilities here, as a summoned ally has a lower ATK power, so a stunned enemy is easier for them to deal with.

The two healers in the back are the most important here as they have to constantly keep up the HP of the DPS characters as the entire Front and Mid lines are focused on dealing damage.

If Pure Vanilla is not available, a Parfait or a Herb Cookie can be brought into the mix. This team is more effective in the PvE aspects of Cookie Run: Kingdom than PvP.

3. Sorbet & Cocoa

Front: Cocoa Cookie

Middle: Frost Queen Cookie and Sorbet Shark Cookie

Rear: Parfait Cookie and Cotton Cookie

Cocoa plays defense/healer alongside Parfait and Cotton from the back, who are assisting the Middle line in dealing as much damage is possible for as long as possible. Cocoa’s tank-like presence lets her to simultaneously knock foes back, heal teammates, and apply numerous buffs.

Toppings will have to be chosen based on individual playstyles, but for this Cookie Run: Kingdom squad, the major goal of all upgrades and toppings should be a reduced cooldown and a greater DMG rating.



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