Idle Breakout Codes & Updates 2022

Hello, fellas! Please keep reading for Idle Breakout codes, updates, and more. Idle Breakout Game updates the old Atari game. Atari’s classic breakout was a fantastic game. This current idle game, on the other hand, elevates the genre to new heights. To gain money in the game, you must click on the colored blocks. Each block you click gets you a fixed cost, which may be increased.

You may then use the money to buy breakout balls and upgrades to crush the blocks quicker. The upgrades are phased in, with each incremental upgrade costing more. There are numerous sorts of balls to pick from, such as the plasma ball, which has splash damage and travels faster. Aside from the balls, you may also purchase power-ups that have a limited duration.

For example, the click fury power-up allows you to produce power balls for 30 seconds anywhere you click. See how far you can get and how many stages of Idle Breakout you can get through.

About the Game and Idle Breakout Codes


An idle version of the well-known Atari Breakout game.

Several balls each having a distinct parameter

Numbered bricks that show the amount of damage required to demolish them

Playing is addictive.


Version — Varies with device

Updated on — 17-Sept-2019

Requires Android — Varies with device

Downloads — 100,000+ downloads

Released on — 20-Jun-2019

Offered by — Kodiqi

Platforms — Web browser. We also have the Android version.

Controls — Press LMB to destroy a brick.

Game Rating & Reviews

Google Play Rating — 4.4 out of 5 Star

#Idle Breakout Codes — Infinite Money Code Hack

A cheat code or hack with which you will get infinite money instantly. You will not have to farm for upgrade balls or increase speed ever again, enjoy it, here is the code


#Idle Breakout Codes — Break 1 Million Bricks Code Hack

A cheat code or hack with which you will break 1 million bricks instantly. You will not have to farm to complete the game, but we leave you with the intrigue, since there is a surprise when you use it, enjoy it, here is the code


#Idle Breakout Codes — All Balls Upgraded to Max Code Hack

— A cheat code or hack with which you will upgrade the 6 balls to max instantly. If you don’t want it to be too easy, like the previous cheat, you will like this, enjoy it, here is the code


#Idle Breakout Codes — Infinite Gold & Money Code Hack

A cheat code or hack with which you will get infinite money instantly. You will not have to farm for upgrade balls or increase speed ever again. It is similar to the first code, but better, enjoy it, here is the code


#Idle Breakout Codes — Complete 6000+ Levels Code Hack

A cheat code or hack with which you will Complete 6000+ levels instantly, with upgraded balls and 1 million bricks broken, o put together many of the above hacks in one. You will not have to farm to complete all the levels, upgrade balls or break bricks, enjoy it, here is the code


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How to use New Idle Breakout Codes?

If you’re not sure how to use Idle Breakout Codes? It’s quite simple! Simply follow a few easy instructions.

— Copy any of the provided codes (Yes, they are very long, and they are everything that is in italics)

— Launch Idle breakout in any site like cool math games

— Click on settings (top right corner, the gear icon)

— Click on import

— Paste the code in the Paste import data here field

— Click OK

What Should You Do If Your Idle Breakout Codes Fail?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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