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Incomparable Master MIR4 tells you about the owner of the ring mir4, incomparable master MIR4. The MIR4 is a popular open-world, free-to-play, multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). The game enables users to hunt foes with their friends, participate in a 50-player raid, and put bounties on their opponents. In addition, players can seize the Hidden Valley, join a strong clan in a large-scale player-versus-player mode, and declare war.

Fans are having difficulty finishing Mysteries tasks in Mir4 since they are tough to complete. With that in mind, we’ve put up a guide that explains how to finish the Mystery mission in MIR4.

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Incomparable Master MIR4 Mystery Quest Guide

Before we get into how to finish the Mysteries quest in MIR4, let’s go over all of the Mysteries that are accessible in the game. There are now five Mysteries that all MIR4 players must complete. Find them here:

- Nefariox Horn

- Myriad Needle

- A Noble Cause

- The Lost Tome

- Incomparable Master

Incomparable Master MIR4

Boundless Trickster Wuam — Follow the complete guide step by step to complete the Incomparable Master Mir4

Clue 1 — What? Children were sacrificed at Bicheon Castle to unseal the dragon wings. No way! I can’t believe it! I won’t buy the words of a mere demon! The Bloodshed Warmonger’s Nefariox Horn… At least I got the horns.

Clue number one we are gonna end up in a snake pit so let’s see the easiest way to get there. We are gonna port to the little boss and we got to make our way up on the Mountain. At the top of the hill talk with Bok Yangjeo.Now find Clue to Boundless Trickster Wuam

Clue 2 — A Monster Fish Scale? What’s that? Why is he suddenly acting so friendly? Is the Black Dragon really going to wake up? Something about an evil bead….? He babbled on about some nonsense and disappeared.

Then you have to make your way as per the icon available over the map while running over the mountain and then you will get Leo Wujeong and Talk with her. Then she plays her Instrument.

Clue 3 — How far can I trust the words of a drunkard…? Is Queen Magua also involved in the Faction War? Geez, whatever! Let’s just make sure to secure the spell Talisman.

(You will have to drop the chest multiple time in order to get a Talisman, we got that in 3rd time), Then you need to come to the trading post and resident NPC. Later, you will talk to Yewol.

Clue 4 — The Nefarioxen were about to present the living wraiths with a gift, but the living Wraiths slaughtered the Bull Friends. And, this pearl is… It contains an eerie aura so it’s probably very dangerous.
I’m glad it hasn’t fallen into the demon’s hands.

Talk to Yewol again and complete (She will take the Talisman from you), Hint — You will find Wuam on the road to Pakua Stonewall.

Clue 5 — Hard to believe that I’ve got this priceless Meridian Map! I was right! There’s no way Herbalist Hong is a sinner. Now that Yu Gombo is no longer suspicious of Herbalist Hong, he’ll serve him better.

- You have to go to the trading post and check the marker to get over to Wuam again on Mountain. (He demands you the treasure of Lord of Darkness’s immortal snake for a wife)

Clue 6 — I worried for nothing Herbalist Hong isn’t one to go down easily! But Bicheon castle is corrupt to the core. I’m so glad that Healer Doga is safe. And this Renowned Healer’s needle box… eh, it may in Handy someday.

Okay for the next step, you have to complete the grand centipedes boss raid. you will require a centipede venom mystery — poison in your bag to complete that. And, once you got that you will have to bring that to Yeo Wujeong. Then, again she will play her instrument and it’s done.

Clue 7 — This is the Revival Remedy. It doesn’t look so special. How can I use it? I should ask Herbalist Hong later.

- Then you have to go to Trading Post — Monster — Ferocious Wild Tiger Pa Gonhyeop. Then, you will see the green light on the mountain and you got the next clue

Clue 8 — The Grand Centipedeus! Finally! And I got this regenerating Centipede Hust! It doesn’t seem urgent so I’ll deliver it to Herbalist Hong later.

- Then, you just follow him into the crevice. get in to place you gotta fight with Wuam, and your Incomparable Master Mir4 Finish

Nefariox Horn Mystery

To accomplish this Mystery in the game, you must perform a number of objectives. To accept missions, locate the ‘+’ symbol in the upper right corner of the screen and click on it. A new window will open on the screen as a result.

You must first choose the ‘Missions’ symbol, followed by the ‘Requests’ icon. This will provide a list of missions that you must perform during the game.

The First Sage

To begin The First Sage, approach and speak with the Dwarf Digger, who can be found in the Cave of the World Beetles.

Bloodshade Nefariox Horn

You must now go to Missions>Requests>Ginkgo Valley and choose the Madman’s Trace task. To finish this, you must locate the Grotesque Statue.

Beautiful Sister Magya

The next step is to accomplish the ‘Treasure’s Aura’ task, which can also be located in the Ginkgo Valley region.

Nefariox Pearl

The last step in completing the Nefariox Horn Mysteries quest in MIR4 is to finish the ‘For the Greater Good’ quest. Unlike the other missions, this one is in the Bicheon Town sector, as depicted in the above image.

MIR4 Mystery Quest Guide
Myriad Needle Mystery

- Herbalist Hong’s True Identity

- An Herb More Valuable than Gold

- Those Tainted by Demonic Energy

- Overambitious Father

- Flower of the Demonic Cult

- Mad Healer Pung’s Trace

The Owner of the Ring MIR4

The Lost Tome MIR4

The Owner of the Ring is the first installment in the mystery of The Lost Tome.

Clue 1 — Many bodies killed by Life Leech have been found around here. Let’s go check what’s going on.

Clue 2 — Mummified corpses mean… Life Leech? But it’s not enough to prove that it’s Yeo Wihuang’s doing. Is there something more? I was asked to investigate bodies in the Roving Bull Specter Camp. I need to get rid of these Roving Bull Specters first.

Clue 3 — Was Ma Seopgae referring to the bodies killed by Life Leech when he mentioned the evidence of Yeo Wihuang being alive? Well, he asked me to investigate corpses so let’s go take a close look

Clue 4 — “A woman crying? In a place like this…? Considering the terrain, there seems to be a cave somewhere. I should find her and ask what happened.

Clue 5 — “Chunsim! She became a Bull Fiend and had to leave her family… Damn Bull Fiends!
She said her son’s name is Ma Wonji! The Ma family name… Does she happen to know Ma Seopgae?
I should go ask him.

Clue 6 — “That Ma Seopgae… I don’t like him. I can’t trust him at all! But Ma is a rare family name, so I’ll need to talk to some of them. What odd manners to invite a guest to a meal, yet ask to bring their own ingredients…So annoying, but I have no other choice.

Clue 7 — “There’s only one Ma family around here. It won’t be difficult to find them. In which part of Snake Pit Village do they live? Ugh, he didn’t even bother giving me his address…I need to ask around.

This is all about the Owner of the Ring

MIR4 Mystery Quest Guide
MIR4 Mystery Guide How To Complete All MIR4 Mystery Missions?

Once you complete this quest, you will have to go through the following quests:

- Bull Fiend Research 1

- Bull Fiend Research 2

- Bull Fiend Research 3

- Bull Fiend Research 4

A Noble Cause

Jo Gyu’s Corruption

Noh Wunjang’s Evil Path

Cleaning the Backstreet

Lies and Hypocrisy

A Proposal Gem

This concludes the MIR4 Mystery Guide How To Complete All MIR4 Mystery Missions.

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So there you have it, all you need to know about the MIR4 Mystery Guide How To Complete All MIR4 Mystery Missions; perhaps you found it useful. Thank you for taking the time to read it carefully, and we look forward to hearing from you. Please offer any recommendations or advice you have regarding this issue in the comments area. Also, please let us know if this was helpful or interesting to you. In order to enhance the spirit of our writers.



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