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Good morning, men! Please refer to the information, changes, and Iron Maiden Legacy Codes listed below. The universe’s future depends on you like the era of magic has arrived, chaos has risen, and the darkness has descended. Immerse yourself in the grand realm of this turn-based RPG game with magic and adventure. Battle as Eddie over ominous landscapes inspired by the rich artwork and music of Iron Maiden in all of his guises.

Fight imaginary enemies in legions. In this dark fantasy role-playing game, The Iron Maiden: Lineage of the Beast, you can tap into your dark legacy, make your warriors legends, slay monsters, combat wicked demons, and mend the broken souls of our heroes, vanquish an ancient evil, and restore the planet!

About the Game and Iron Maiden Legacy Codes

⚡️Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast⚡️

📖EPIC CAMPAIGN STORY📖 — Immerse yourself in a gigantic dark fantasy story that spans five enormous worlds, hundreds of levels, and several dungeons filled with ghosts and stories.
⚔️ PvP BATTLE ARENA ⚔️ — Prepare to RPG battle as the supernatural anti-hero “Eddie” against the hordes of darkness. Battle your scary adversaries in dungeon raids and magical conflicts. Create the best combat squad, then fight your way through incredible realms, resolute dungeons, and breathtaking arenas.
🗡️COLLECT AND CUSTOMISE HEROES🗡️ — assemble and control strong characters from more than 400 heroes of various classes. Build your own character from the ground up, amass epic gear, give your hero mighty artifacts to use, and grow legendary champions. To defeat your adversaries, assemble well-balanced teams of Death Warriors, Magus, Knights, Sentinels, Wolves, Gunners, Assassins, and other team characters!
🗺️UNLEASH OUTSTANDING MAGIC POWER🗺️ — Our Anti-Hero may take on many different guises and possesses a variety of special skills and talents, like those of a cyborg, mummy, trooper, pharaoh, killer, vampire, Viking, Samurai, hunter, Doomsday, wizard, gangster, and many more. When you battle the Dragon King, you will require it!
🛡️CONFRONTATION WITH OTHERS IN CLANS🛡️ — As we fight the horror, we are stronger as a group. Join or create a clan to unite with like-minded gamers and fight the war of magic as legendary. Clans are where you can gain strength, allies, and ultimately Freedom as some fights are better fought in teams.
DIVERSE STRATEGIC PLAY♟ — Make important choices and give your warriors strong talismans to help them in battle. As you take part in epic RPG combat, power and rank up to develop amazing skills, monster attacks, potent healing, devastating specials, and more. Making the proper decisions, assembling cohesive teams, and taking the initiative are all characteristics of winning.
👹Enjoy the enormous boss fights.👹 — Defeat intimidating bosses to obtain rare and legendary items. Enter the arena and defeat the Dragon King, the Lord of Light, and countless other dungeon monster fights that will put your team to the absolute limit.
🎸Iron Maiden music and 3D artwork.🎸 — As you battle through hundreds of aesthetically spectacular RPG landscapes to Iron Maiden’s magnificent heavy metal and hard rock soundtrack, marvel at thousands of unique attack and skill animations.

Game Rating & Reviews

- Google Play Rating — 4.5 out of 5 Star


- Version — 343756

- Updated on — 19-Oct-2021

- Requires Android — 4.1 and up

- Downloads — 1,000,000+ downloads

- In-app purchases — $0.99 — $279.99 per item

- Interactive elements — Digital purchases

- Released on — 05-Jul-2016

- Offered by — Nodding Frog Ltd

Active Iron Maiden Legacy Codes List

Iron Maiden Legacy’s codes can be difficult, but they’re also a crucial component of the experience. You need to develop excellent cheating techniques if you want to grow in your game and continue to enjoy it. When playing games on our own terms, we all utilize cheating to minimize distractions — not because we want to breach the rules or do harm to other players.







- A47CZ-A9TUK-54KPP — Happy 4th Anniversary!

- MF8EL-NN47E-S4RRN — (New)

- 8MBTM-C5HWJ-GM3ZY — Redeem Code for free 150 ironing

- K4ZRG-XJ79E-5VGUB — Redeem Code for free 150 ironite

- ML3T5-PK7RE-D499M — Redeem Code for free 150 ironite

- Q2CJA-5XNB4–4DZSC — Redeem Code for free 150 ironite

- YANGH-DH5DU-4GQDL — Redeem Code for free 300 ironing

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How do I Redeem the Iron Maiden Legacy Codes 2022?

If you’re unsure how to use Iron Maiden Legacy Codes, what should you do? It’s really really easy! Just adhere to a few simple directions.

a. Login with Facebook/Twitter/Google/Huawei at
b. Bind your login account with your game account
i. Filling out your information server, ID, etc
ii. You have to request a 6-digit code that sends to your in-game mailbox.
c. Check your in-game mail to get the 6-digit code, then put it in the textbox.
d. Enter your gift code to the text box, then click exchange. The reward mail will be sent to your in-game mailbox within 24 hours.

What Should You Do If Your Iron Maiden Legacy Codes Fail?

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