Kings Choice Codes & Updates 2022

About the Game and Kings Choice

- Take in the beauty of the medieval royal court, with its exquisite attire, opulent palaces, sumptuous feasts, devoted knights, alluring concubines, and much more. Live the opulent life of a king in ancient Europe!

— Create and run your own kingdom; manage politics, bestow noble titles, forge ties with allies, vanquish adversaries, and expand trade!

— Go on dates with gorgeous women and invite them to your palace from a selection of more than 20 princesses!

— Raise your heirs — To strengthen your empire, raise your sons and daughters and marry them to the heirs of other players.

— Gather legendary heroes to summon and battle other players’ heroes!

— Join PvP to team up with gamers from around the globe and destroy your adversaries!

— Form alliances — Gather your buddies and fight gruesome battles!

Game Rating & Reviews

Facebook Rating — 4.5 out of 5 Star

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