Lost Ark Paladin PvP Build 2022

Welcome to our Lost Ark Paladin PvP Build 2022 guide. For the paladin class, our guide is divided into 1v1 and 3v3 encounters. In PvP, the Lost Ark’s Paladin is a tanky support class. Because of his Holy Protection and Heavenly Blessings, he works well with offensive classes. With talents like Holy Sword, Dash Slash, and Executor’s Sword, he provides his team more influence over the battlefield.

Make no mistake about it: the Paladin can also deliver harm. Instead of assisting your team with Holy Aura, you can use Sacred Executioner to increase your personal damage.

Lost Ark Paladin PvP Build

Lost Ark Paladin PvP
Core Damage Skills for Paladins

— Other than the spacebar dodge, the Paladin’s only quick mobility skill is charge. It has Paralysis Immunity, Push Immunity, and the Tripods give a shield and Knock Up, making it an excellent choice for combat.

The Holy Sword is the combination finisher. Outburst of Light Tier 2 Tripod, on the other hand, can convert it to a ranged skill at the cost of damage.

— The only Push Immunity Skill in the build, Execution of Justice, is useful for launching combinations.

— The Executor’s Sword is a powerful Knock Up Skill that can be used to launch combinations.

Dash Slash is a mobility skill that can also be used as an engage. Because it is slower than Charge, be careful not to be stopped when using it.

Dash Slash is another option.

— After a Knock Up, Wrath of God is a combination filler used to stun opponents in mid-air. It’s also his only Debuff Attack that can prevent opponents from gaining Push Immunity.

— Allies are shielded by Holy Protection.

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Supporting Skills for Paladins

Lost Ark Paladin PvP Build
Lost Ark Paladin 1v1 Build

Lost Ark Paladin PvP Build
1st Paladin PvP Combo

To Knock Up, start a combo with Charge, Executor’s Sword (first part), or Dash Slash.

Light Shock is a good follow-up.

Then choose one of the first three initiate Skills you haven’t used yet.

Finish with Holy Sword or Judgment Light.

Second Paladin PvP Combo

Start a combo using either the Light Shock stun or the Dark Shock stun.

Execution of Justice is the next step.

One basic assault is used.

Fill with Wrath of God if desired. This skill can also be kept for a last-minute Push Immunity.

If they don’t have Stand Up, finish with Holy Sword or Light of Judgment.

Paladin PvP Gameplay Style

— Because Dash Slash is easily evaded and disrupted, it should not be used as the first initial engage.

Charge, Light of Judgment, Light Shock, or simply walking in with the Executor’s Sword can all be used to apply pressure.

— When utilizing a Push Immunity skill, use Light Shock to shock an opponent.

— Poke opponents at a distance with Light of Judgment to knock them out. It has a wind-up wait before it shoots, so be careful when using it.

— While Sacred Executioner is active, Charge, Execution of Justice, Dash Slash, Executor’s Sword, and Holy Sword (with Outburst of Light) have a long range. From a safe distance, this is excellent for sniping or peeling opponents. When shield buddies can’t get away from enemy strikes, they can use Godsent Law.

— Before you begin, cast Holy Protection and Heavenly Blessings. This concludes our Lost Ark Paladin PvP Build 2022. Hope you enjoyed it.

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