Mythic Heroes is a free-to-play idle role-playing game made available for Android and iOS. This guide to the Mythic Heroes tier list will assist you in becoming a better player.

When a new character is added to the game or an update arrives it affects how they perform in combat, we will update our Mythic Heroes tier list. It’s rather simple to reroll for the character you want at the start of the game, so we recommend rolling until you get one of the S-tier characters listed here.

All Best Mythic Heroes Tier List

The global edition of Mythic Heroes is now available on Android and iOS devices. We’ve included a Mythic Heroes Tier List in this post to show you the game’s top-tier heroes and to assist you in selecting the ideal character at the start. Check out our Mythic Heroes codes page for free diamonds, summon scrolls, cash, and other special gifts.

HEROPVEPVPBOSSCLASSLuciferSSSSSFighterNuwaSSA+SupportGanjiang & MoyeSSA+MageSusanooA+SSFighterIzanamiA+SA+MageTamamo No MaeA+SA+MageIdunA+SASupportNagakaynaA+AASupportArtemisAASFighterPersephoneAASMageAthenaSACTankHadesAACTankDionysusBBSSSupportCleopatraCSAMageJoan of ArcAACSupportGaiaAADTankZeusBAAMageMedusaBAAFighterLilithCABMageOberonBCCFighterHerculesCABTankAnubisCADTankLu BuCBAFighterIsetTBDTBDTBDSupport

So far, we’ve mentioned all of the characters in our Mythic Heroes tier list.

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