Planet Crafter Map & Updates 2022

Welcome to The Planet Crafter World Map 2022 and The Planet Crafter Location Guide. How to Unlock The Planet Crafter Map, Golden Chess Location Tips, and more will be covered in this The Planet Crafter Location Guide. Hidden Bunker Locations, The Planet Crafter Crashed Ship, and The Planet Crafter Crashed Remnants Locations.

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The Planet Crafter Location of Map

The Planet Crafter Location

- 1 to 37 = Blue Chests

— C1 to C3 = Cave Chests

— A to I = Golden Chests

The Planet Crafter Map — Secrets (Spoilers)

Everything in the game is secret, including every golden box, ruin, ship, and satellite. Once on the website where the map is stored in high quality, click the map once again to zoom in and view all the details.


Golden Chests Coordinates & Locations

1st Golden Chest coordinates: 263:28:478

2nd Golden Chest coordinates: 276:167:1018

3rd Golden Chest coordinates: 832:50:1208

4th Golden Chest coordinates: 1510:9:665

5th Golden Chest coordinates: 938:24:324

6th Golden Chest coordinates: 1076:23:-16

7th Golden Chest coordinates: 402:4:-267

8th Golden Chest coordinates: 473:65:1567 (Cave entrance = 519:73:1551)

9th Golden Chest coordinates: 2158:3:240

10th Golden Chest coordinates: 1749:0:1994

11th Golden Chest coordinates: 922:95:-779

12th Golden Chest coordinates: 705:153:1881

Crashed Remnants Coordinates & Locations

1st Crashed Remmant Location — The Freighter: 392:142:923

2nd Crashed Remmant Location — The Cruiser: 1151:54:641

3rd Crashed Remmant Location — The Space Station: 1566:50:474

4th Crashed Remmant Location — The Shuttle: 950:46:14

5th Crashed Remmant Location — Freight Containers: 487:47:-163

6th Crashed Remmant Location — The Battleship: 152:17:1296

7th Crashed Remmant Location — The Fighter: 2197:2:618

About The Planet Crafter

Making a hazardous planet livable for humans is your only task when you are sent there. In order to heat the planet, produce an atmosphere with adequate oxygen, and eventually geo-engineer a full planet, you’ll need to live, gather resources, develop your base, and implement machinery.

To live, gather resources and minerals. Create all the equipment you’ll need to complete your quest. Investigate ancient wrecks and ruins to learn more about a mysterious planet.

To establish a base and be able to create life on this planet, you’ll need a variety of devices.

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