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We welcome you everyone here. Reading the following sentences will help you understand more about the updates, codes, and other important topics: Reaper 2 Quests Based on the popular anime and manga series Bleach, Reaper 2 Quests is a Roblox game. Ichigo Kurosaki’s life narrative is told in Bleach. Kurosaki is working to become the most potent Soul Reaper in an effort to save his city. You begin Reaper 2 Map at Karakura, Kurosaki’s hometown, where you perform objectives, engage in combat, and gain strength.

It could be a little confusing at first to know where to go for your tasks when you first start playing. For your convenience, we have provided a Reaper 2 Map guide that will help you locate all of the most significant NPCs and sites of interest. Reaper 2 Map features a variety of NPC kinds. Story quests are offered by certain NPCs, while daily or recurring missions are offered by others. In addition, there are NPCs that are merchants.

Reaper 2 Map Guide

Here is a Reaper 2 map guide that was first shared on the developer’s forum by @bobby baloongis. It is divided into six sections, each with a top-down map. Zoom out as much as you can when viewing the maps to aid in getting yourself situated. Using the mouse wheel or the I and O buttons, you may zoom in and out.

Karakura Town 1

Reaper 2 Karakura 1

Points of Interest

Gerald — Story Quests (Min Lvl 1)

Yakrus — Story Quests (Min Lvl 1)


Mijuel — Story Quests (Min Lvl 5)

Karakura Town 2

Reaper 2 Karakura 2

Points of Interest

Mijuel — Story Quests (Min Lvl 15)

Zartania — Story Quests (Min Lvl 5)

Sly_Kage — Story Quests (Min Lvl 10)

Roball1 — Story Quests (Min Lvl 15)

The Forest

Reaper 2 Map Guide Forest

Points of Interest

Windatbread — Story Quests (Min Lvl 5)

GQuake — Story Quests (Min Lvl 1)




The Mountains

Reaper 2 The Mountains

Points of Interest


Quincy Grandfather

Rick Yakrus

The Bridge

Reaper 2 The Bridge

Points of Interest



Karakura Town After Bridge

Reaper 2 Karakura After Bridge

Points of Interest



Lakrus — Story Quests (Min Lvl 15)




These maps should be useful to you, we hope. Future content additions by the developers are probably in the works. We’ll keep an eye on all upcoming changes and ensure that the map guide is updated as soon as fresh information is made available.

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