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Today, I’ll share with you the Roblox Dragon Blade Wiki and some tips as well. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Valheim influenced Dragon Blade, an open-world role-playing game. You can gather resources and use them to craft weapons and armour. You can also traverse vast places while avoiding the dangers you confront.

Let’s get started with the Roblox Dragon Blade Wiki.

Roblox Dragon Blade Wiki

How can I increase my inventory space, heart, or stamina?

You may purchase Lobo Shrine from the shop> construct it> Purchase torch BP and construct the torch > Light the lamp in the Lobo shrine with the torch, then converse with the generated wolf.

If the blueprint isn’t available in the shop, check to see if you have the necessary settlement level or if it’s already in your crafting recipes.

Every ten levels of your skill, you receive 1 point to spend.


Everyone begins with three hearts.

To max out the heart, you’ll need to spend a total of 17 points.

Max heart= 20


Each player begins with one stamina ring.

5 points = 1 stamina ring

The maximum stamina ring is five.

For maximum stamina, you’ll need 20 points.


Everyone starts with a total of 20 spots (40 with gamepass)

1 point equals 5 slots (10 with pass)

The maximum number of slots is 200 (400 with a pass) and the inventory must be maxed out with 36 points.

How to Make Money in Roblox Dragon Blade?

For newcomers, I propose purchasing the shovel recipes, crafting the shovel, and then going to a mountain to dig some stone.

You can farm chests in the middle of the game by purchasing a key, farming the chest, and then selling all of the materials. Simply slay Ziggurath for a 1k gold coin if you’re at the end game.

In Dragon Blade, how can you earn a 5 star mount?

Simply place the egg in a stable and press the quick hatch button.

1.5 thousand dollars for pegasus and horses 2,000 for the dragon

If you don’t fast hatch in the stable, you have a 1/10 chance of getting a 5 star.

Abandoned houses and how to enter them

Houses that have been abandoned can be found all across the map. There will be little boxes within that once unlocked will offer you money and ruins, but they will not spawn any creatures. Simply dig a tunnel beneath an abandoned house to gain access.

What exactly is ore?

Minerals are many types of rock that may be found all over the world. A tool known as a “Pickaxe” can be used to mine these minerals. The ore can only be mined based on the quality of the pickaxe.

Minerals can be mined to produce ores, which can then be melted to produce ingots.

Flint becomes bronze, then iron, then silver, then gold.

This concludes the Roblox Dragon Blade Wiki. Hope you found it useful!

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