Rush Royale Arena 11 Deck — Best PVP Cards: Harlequin, Inquisitor, Summoner

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Rush Royale Arena 11 Deck — As you go through Rush Royale’s achievements, you’ll unlock additional Arenas, which will allow you to obtain new cards. Many of the game’s strongest decks incorporate cards that aren’t available until later Arenas. So, in Rush Royale, what is the greatest deck to use for each Arena? We’ll go over each one in detail below.


Best Rush Royale Deck Arena 12

Rush Royale Deck Arena 13 PVP (Conqueror)

‘Robot,’ which can only be obtained through the Royal Trials event, is currently one of the most powerful cards in the game. We’ll just look at decks that don’t use that card and therefore have no arena unlock stage and is highly potent in most decks.

Rush Royale Arena 11 Deck

Rush Royale Arena 11 Deck(Eliminator)

This is where you unlock another very powerful card utilized in a lot of decks — Summoner. While it doesn’t directly give you mana, I still consider this a ‘mana card’ because it helps save you a lot of it. We’ll still be using Inquisitor, but throw Summoner into the mix.

Engineer is an epic card. Increases its damage for each Engineer that pairs with it. This is a great card for DPS. From 1250 to 2000 trophies — almost everyone plays this card.

The Plague Doctor is an epic card. Infects all enemies, damaging anything that passes by his cloud. Cloud damage increases with each rank of fusion.

Bombardier is a common card. Has a high chance to stun the target. The chance to repeat the stun has been reduced.

The Vampire is an epic card. Bites the target, after which it transfers mana to you. This card is very useful for getting additional benefits.

Sniper is a rare card. Deals increased damage to bosses and minibosses. Very useful against bosses and will create an advantage over the opponent.

More Suggestions are below:-

Harlequin, Inquisitor, Summoner, Cold Mage, Mime

Harlequin, Mime, Corsair, Summoner, Executioner

Trapper, Harlequin, Corsair, Summoner, Executioner

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