Rush Royale Arena 9 Deck Guide 2022

Everyone is welcome to join us right now. By reading the following sentences, you can find out more about the improvements, codes, and other important issues: Rush Royale Arena 9 Deck Since the latest Sentry buff, these new Sentry decks have become more and more popular. Sentry has replaced Thunder/Engineer in the Rush Royale meta because of recent balance changes made in March, which gave Sentry a significant buff while thunderer received a nerf. After the June balance update, the Engineer also received a nerf, leaving no other option for F2P Arena 9 players other than to use Sentry..

We’ll look at some strong sentry decks for arena 9 and higher in this post because sentry is now a more potent card in rush royale and everyone started utilizing it in those arenas. In order to help you push your trophies and swiftly advance to Arena 10 in rush royale, here is a list of some of the top Arena 9 Decks.

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