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Everyone is welcome to join us right now. By reading the following sentences, you can find out more about the improvements, codes, and other important issues: Rush Royale Best Deck Arena 7 Only a small number of decks, nevertheless, outperform the majority of those in Arenas 5 through 7.

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About the Game and Rush Royale Best Deck Arena 7

Best Rush Royale Arena 7 Deck: Duelist Arena

1.) Boreas Executioner Deck for Arena 7

Boreas Executioner Deck Cards:

- Boreas

- Vampire

- Bombardier

- Executioner

- Harlequin

Since I was in Arena 6, I have been utilising this Boreas Executioner Deck, and I am at ease with it. The only cards in the deck are epic and legendary. This indicates that accessing Legendary and Epic cards and levelling them up is not necessarily straightforward for everyone. If you have Boreas and Harquilin, this deck is not a good choice for players in free-to-play games.

Rush Royale Rogue Deck Arena 7

Rush Royale Rogue Deck Card list:

- Engineer

- Rogue

- Ice Mage

- Sharpshooter

- Priestess

Rush Royale Engineer Deck Arena 7

Rush Royale Engineer Chemist Deck Card List:

- Chemist

- Vampire

- Engineer

- Ice Mage

- Portal Keeper

Tips for using this Engineer Deck in Rush Royale:

Since they mainly serve to link Engineers together and do not deal much damage, try to limit the number of Portal Keepers you have on the battlefield.

Since the Portal Keeper is not a unit that deals damage, levelling him up in the game is never a good idea.

For additional damage and armour reduction as you level up in the game, I advise giving Chemist and Engineer priority.

Rush Royale Plague Doctor Bombardier Deck Arena 7+

4.) Rush Royale Plague Doctor Zealot Deck, Card List:

- Chemist

- Vampire

- Plague Doctor

- Zealot

- Bombarider

5.) Most Excellent Rush Royale Archer Deck Arena 5+

This Rush Royale Youtube Pros-inspired Archer Fire Mage Deck was not created by me; rather, my friend suggested it. It is a reasonably well-liked deck in Arena 5. Since this Archer deck only has one Epic card, the Engineer, and all other cards are Common cards, you can quickly improve your cards.

The strategy for this Archer Fire Mage Deck is extremely straightforward; all you have to do is set up your Engineers and Archers to merge ranks 3 or 4, at the very least, and your Fire Mage, Bombardier, and Hunter to merge ranks 2 or 3.

Try to max out your Engineers, Fire Mage, and Archers before Boss 2.

6.) Rush Royale Boreas Hex Deck for Arena 7+

It’s a Rush Royale. My current favourite rush royale deck is the Boreas Hex Deck. In rush royale season 3, I played the Boreas Vampire Chemist Deck and achieved a personal high of 5900 trophies. Currently, I am utilising this Boreas Hex Deck instead of my Plague Doctore because the Chemist Plague Doctor was nerfed in the February balancing update.

7.) Rush Royale Sentry Deck for Arena 7

Due to his 10 per cent damage increases, Sentry is also a good card in Rush Royale. At full level, Sentry’s damage rises by a very high 144 per cent.

In addition to Sentry, we also have Chemist and Plague Doctore, albeit not many players in rush royale employ these decks. Due to Rush Royale Engineer Chemist Deck’s current meta in lower arenas, I tried this deck and it works amazingly in Arena 7. I went with the Sentry equipped with the Plague Doctor. The Rush Royale Sentry Deck astonished me with how well it performed, so I decided to see how far I could go with it. I quickly made it to Arena 12 using this deck.

So, gentlemen, that’s it for today. These are the Top 7 Rush Royale Arena 7 Decks that will help you reach at least Arena 13; we’ll be adding more Rush Royale Arena 7 Decks to this list shortly.

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