Settlement Survival Mods Tutorial Guide

Settlement Survival Mods Tutorial Guide

Settlement Survival Mods Tutorial Guide — A step-by-step tutorial on how to begin altering the game.

Note that only altering xml files was possible at the time of authoring this tutorial. To put it another way, you can alter values or text for example, but you can’t design entirely new game mechanisms at this time.

1. Getting Started

Settlement Survival modding isn’t entirely straightforward, but with a few pointers, it’s doable. Only rudimentary xml editing is available at the time of writing (2021–11–11).

That is, you can alter values and text, but you can’t add entirely new game mechanics. Even so, you may influence a lot of things by doing so. To edit files, I recommend using Notepad++.

It will recognize that you’re working with xml files and, for example, will highlight comments that you may ignore when editing the files.

To begin, go to your Settlement Survival folder by navigating to your game library, entering the game’s properties, and clicking on “browse” under “local files.”

Now go to the following location and create a new folder called “My Mods”:

Survival of Settlements

Settlement Data Survival My Mods

Then make a folder for your mod called

My Mods, using the name of your mod as the name.

Your Mod Name

“Your Mod Name” should be replaced with the name of your mod.

Your mod will require three fundamental components in the folder:

A ModConfig.xml, which contains some basic information about the mod, such as its title and description.



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