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About the Game and Those Who Remain Codes

The fires of darkness are ignited in the tranquil village of Dormont when the lights go out. As a growing, unsettling, and illogical fear spreads across the community, rumors of disappearances start to circulate, and for Those Who Remain, the darkness starts to reflect in an unwanted way.

Some errors should never occur, especially not after your life has been fully lived. Edward had a fantastic life a lovely wife and the ideal child but he now finds himself traveling through Dormont’s pitch-black night to stop his illicit relationship in an effort to right his wrongs. Edward is not aware of anything when he drives into the Golden Oak Motel.

How much this night will alter his life is unknown. Every eye’s corner is ripped open, releasing the horrors and darkness that live there. The psychological horror narrative Those Who Remain immerses you in takes place in the tranquil village of Dormont, which has become more detached from reality as a result of darkness and the actions of its citizens.

As Edward is put to the test of his sanity, morality, and the shadows of evil that lay below, he must face the uncomfortable horrors mirrored in the darkness and endure Dormont’s night.

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