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About the Game and Trials of Heroes Codes

Auto-battle mode arrives! — No time to battle and practice every minute, yet desperate for resources to level up?

Test out the offline auto mode whenever and wherever you want! You and your heroes can journey deep into steppes, marshes, labyrinths, and other dungeons while engaging in never-ending fights. Even if you go offline for a while, your heroes will continue to be battling for you!

— Your collection includes over 100 legendary heroes and monsters from six distinct races! Upgrade and develop their power and special abilities, construct and forge ultimate weapons and equipment for their stylish costume and evolutionary strength! Collect as many as you can!

It is important who you bring to the fight. For a definite win, gather the perfect attack force and intelligently select a configuration of five formidable heroes!

Climb the Dark Tower for never-ending challenges, fulfill Tavern missions from various heroes, launch an all-out attack in the Burning Crusade, create legendary equipment for your heroes, kill Dark Forest Bosses for exceptional prizes, and participate in numerous Raids for extra benefits! More fascinating material is awaiting your discovery!

Make new buddies from over the globe, upgrade Guild Skills in Academy for benefits, receive prizes from my orders, gain rising rewards by defeating various guild monsters, and take part in a week-long Guild Campaign alongside guild members. Make it to the finals for a chance at greatness!

— The arena hosts one-of-a-kind championships and elite trials. Arrange your squad carefully, overcome opponents from around the world, and constantly strive to be at the top!

Game Rating & Reviews

Google Play Rating — 4.3 out of 5 Star

App Store Rating — 4.3 out of 5 Star

Facebook Rating — 4.9 out of 5 Star


Version — 2.6.63

Updated on — 16-Jun-2022

Requires Android — 4.1 and up

Downloads — 1,000,000+ downloads

In-app purchases — $1.99 — $99.99 per item

Interactive elements — Users interact, and Digital purchases

Released on — 18-Apr-2018

Offered by — Jupiter Entertainment

Latest Update For Trials of Heroes

1. Iceworld Adventure: Explore the frozen world, salvage treasure troves underneath the thick ice, and head to the depth where no one else could go. Set off the adventure with a trusty partner and solid Ice Axes, bringing as many treasures as you can! An intrepid adventurer never returns empty-handed!

2. Ice Pack: Buy this pack to receive Crystals, two Luxury Summon Selective Chests, and Ice Axes.

3. Pond under Moonlight: Collect Lotus Roots from Daily Login Rewards, Special Offer packs, Guild Gifts, and Energy Crystal converting. Exchange Lotus Roots for fine rewards including Shar, Infernal Master, Cernunnos, Blazing Universal Souls, Dazzling Universal Souls, a new skin for Bounty Cowboy-Axemaster, Legendary Artifact Chest, and lots of rare materials!

4. Let’s Date: Get the portraits of paired heroes highlighted to receive luxurious rewards including Elite Light & Shadow Shards, Legendary Artifact Shards, and Sacred Emblems.

5. Spring of Spirit Event: During this event, Spring of Spirit Spins will give you great rewards in return. Get plenty of Source of Life, Epic Magic Coins, Sacred Emblems, and a Basic Selective Chest I to enhance your troops! Remember that you can finish all the tasks in up to 7 turns!

6. Spring of Pegasus Event: During this event, Spring of Pegasus Spins will give you great rewards in return. Get plenty of rewards including Rare Summon Scrolls, Hero Shards, Dragon Coins, Sacred Emblems, and even Nyx to enhance your troops!

7. Ice Chests: Fast-replenish your Ice Axes by opening Ice Chests by Crystals.

8. Energy Crystal Pack: Buy this pack to immediately get Crystals, Hero Stone XIX, Star Wheels, Skin, and Energy Crystals all at once!

07/29/2022–1:59 a.m. 08/05/2022 (UTC/GMT-0)

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