Warface Codes & Updates 2022

Hello, fellas! Please keep reading for Warface Codes, updates, and more. Dynamic combat awaits you in the world-famous Warface shooter universe! Enjoy a variety of fighting types, simple controls, and stunning visuals. Create your own character and participate in exciting multiplayer PvP fights built particularly for mobile devices.

Warface: Global Operations is — 7 fantastic maps for intense PvP encounters;

- 4 game types and over 20 mini-events with changing circumstances every day;

- Over 200 different types of weaponry and equipment that may be customized;

- 15 skins to change the appearance of your character — and the list is continually growing!

PVE MISSIONS AND CO-OP RAIDS — Get a new set of unique weapons and armor, and play as a four-person squad to take on enemy hordes and terrifying monsters. Discover the newest Blackwood conspiracy and help to make the world a bit safer!

About the Game and Warface Codes

- KC5AJQ04DRUDJ2OAITLR — Redeem your gift for PC: S99HM803

NS4SMNVYB3ALB5V1H21P — Console


5HOGX394 → Mega VIP Booster (3 Days)





desert dog > task 2: hidden war > task 3: contract1

valkyrie >task 2: xyk9ps > task 3: valkyrie

cartel > task 2: res2hg > task 3: ffa5

stab > task 2: aqn8pt > task 3: fight

Warface Merge Pin Codes

PZCIFOCJF3OUX51D8HOI — Hidden War Helmet (3 Days)

PAZFQQ1LK2CK3XBVFL5O -Hidden War Medic Vest (72 hours)

HB4IFS1MQCTTKRTZK621 — Hidden War Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm (12 hours)

B0RRU6RAL9ZLEWN4ILYX — Hidden War SV-98 (12 hours)

O1Z80C0CPKNDI5AVJGH3 -Hidden War SV-98 (12 hours)

GYILEEL42W5SLZXRFBD4 — Hidden War Dragunov SR Special (12 hours)


Warface Tips and Hacks

Deadly Defib — Kill 10 enemies with the defibrillator.

Marathon Destruction — Win 100 Destruction matches.

Eagle Eye — Kill 500 enemies with the sniper rifle without using the zoom.

Father of all Bombs — Win 100 Plant the Bomb matches.

Fire in the Hole — Produces 10 Grenadiers.

Generosity to the Enemy — Make 100 double kills at the mine with Directional Mines.

Gimme a Five! — Complete 5 levels in a row on Tower Raid missions.

Going Atomic — Inflict 100,000 damage to enemies.

Gun Master — Kill 10 heavy gunners in the co-op hardcore mode.

High Roller — Reach ranks 10.

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Ps4 & Xbox Codes

— Yellow Emperor ACR, Fabaram STF 12, ACR CQB, AS50, Desert Eagle Pistol, Ultra Marine Knife (Permanent) — PS4, Xbox — Codes: DRAGON

— Crye Precision SIX12 (3 days) — PS4, Xbox — Codes: XO1DQ2YR47, NPG46XYO5D, CDP25JAXA3, IRJ7UST32A, PBGI3MDJFL, K5ISAGL5T2, CIZJ9UHIVU

— DP-12 (3 days) — PS4, Xbox — Codes: 3SC13F7ZIP, 6ID5LEWL6J, XOCOD0I6AF, LIIYYFCJ89, MKKBA7OAS9, FU49FR6D85, 4FSRVJILOP

— DSA SA58 SPR (3 days) — PS4, Xbox — Codes: VWNSTV9QHY, EGPNCC4G65, 9PJL3BNGB2, SQQ1WWNE4Q, 7LZJKY1T6C

— Enfield L85A2 Custom (3 days) — PS4, Xbox — Codes: SC0AUZUXVS, 0A180I5UP7, BJ4852F0LU, 4OS2XVNKA5, R8VPZ1PP6S, AUE3O27AWW, VT6P30XW0M

— H&K G28 (3 days) — PS4, Xbox — Codes: 9211XPBF1I, 4Z9GC4ZCYM, VB7YS7XDLT, A2S1MHJ29G, 5MWEZ5V796

— HCAR (3 days) — PS4, Xbox — Codes: VSC52OQLX0, 5PPMDTSW51, LFLL8436I7, T1AH4L5NZ5, YE5DRM8DEQ, O0IM8LQE6S, WP6I1A4CCC

— Honey Badger (3 days) — PS4, Xbox — Codes: 3MI1K5RK0X, KH42127KHE, E9E5XPMD05, 6VEV63VEEK, MPW5I0AEWP, PESEIIXOLE, YL8VWPMVZT

— Mossberg 500 Custom (3 days) — PS4, Xbox — Codes: DJ7J5IGVLP, O69ZGLZCOZ, L5HK0A59IY, 0BM17F65LD, UKJEP3S8GW, 3RDB0G9NBU, A8BLV9ENQW

— Open Cup Gloves (5 days) — PS4, Xbox — Codes: 474569462H, Q783019986, 518399234S, K103299771, 415526046Y, 770734287X, 365208160J

— Open Cup Helmet (5 days) — PS4, Xbox — Codes: 524428354V, 412587988W, 694061448Z, Q144946513, Y221365128, 642406748G, 184407234A, D692450037, 3Z33494987, Y851503441, 91409X0947, 804817C657, 480209008E, 2498209K46, 783757405J, H532289695, 7124208F44, 490393689G, 54509F6044, 185181U332, S421998467, 999303450L, 12862N7147, M131585701, 256080365T, 178070308R

— SCAR-L PDW (3 days) — PS4, Xbox — Codes: 4GNF67VT3D, IQS69Y0E35, 5VN2RGXN60, 4G5WY11C7V, 9O6FVM9WXO, NCBR81HP6A

— Open Cup Shoes (5 days) — PS4, Xbox — Codes: R421183929, 873896095T, V727490839, 5497S40553, 96W3198896, 423912343U

— Open Cup Vest (5 days) — PS4, Xbox — Codes: 941001900J, 363860913L, 294879714R, 660491236M, X258008118, D873404052, 140108537F



PC Codes

— Yellow Emperor ACR, Fabaram STF 12, ACR CQB, AS50, Desert Eagle Pistol, Ultra Marine Knife (Permanent) — PC — Codes: DRAGON

— Enfield L85A2 (3 days) — PC — Codes: 140108537F, 294879714R, 660491236M, 642406748G, 941001900J, X258008118

— HCAR (3 days) — PC — Codes: 474569462H, 415526046Y, 518399234S, 770734287X, Q783019986, Y221365128

— Idol Styer Scout (7 days) — PC — Codes: 9MNWDLDUODLNEIH6JBUL

— Ivy CQR Idol (7 days) — PC — Codes: UQ7IWXRMUWZUZEEKMSA7.

— Mega VIP Booster (3 days) — PC — Codes: 76K2UT2QKI2BYDYUMR2T

— MP-443 Grach and Open Cup Gloves (Permanent) — PC — Codes: PLAYWARFACE

— Salamander Rifleman Boots (5 days) — PC — Codes: 3Z33494987, 873896095T, V727490839, Y851503441

— Salamander Rifleman Gloves — PC — Codes: 184407234A, 480209008E, 524428354V, D692450037

— Stoner LMG (7 days) — PC — Codes: QRRPFLTAUGWBNAGJSEFW

— Salamander Rifleman Helmet — PC — Codes: 412587988W

— Salamander Rifleman Vest (5 days) — PC — Codes: 490393689G, 54509F6044, 694061448Z, H532289695

— Tavor Idol (7 days) — PC — Codes: KTJKWUBCOJEUN9REB20G

— TEC-9 Idol (7 days) — PC — Codes: NFIX2D1BT1CF3IQTVITR

— Thompson (7 days) — PC — Codes: 90I4M8H0ZFUMZS99Q3WZ

— VIP (3 days) — PC — Codes: PU4OYALNXRQIAGYK61

— VIP Booster & Jester weapon set (14 days) — PC — Codes: JF_SWARM, Joshthe1

— Type 97 (3 days) — PC — Codes: 365208160J, 47436493N7, 5497S40553, K103299771, Q144946513, R421183929

Get in touch with Warface, Contact below

Facebook: facebook.com/WarfaceGlobalOperations/

Discord: https://discord.gg/ttJCTXW

How do I Redeem the Warface Codes 2022?

— In order to Redeem the Warface Codes, follow our step-by-step instructions below: -

— Warfare official website > Pin-Code Box > Input the code > Click on View Content Codes > Server & Item > Redeem Code

What Should You Do If Your Warface Fail?

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