Create your own Warrior Cats Roblox and play roleplaying games in this official game based on the New York Times best-selling fantasy series “Warriors.” Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition is a Roblox game that lifts the “Warriors” series off the page and into the world of Roblox!

Make your own Warrior Cats Roblox and a narrative about them.

Choose between becoming a Warrior, a Medicine Cat, or a Clan Leader!

Investigate the Forest Territory and the Clans that call it home…

Make friends, form alliances, and figure out who your enemies are!

Construct your own storey in this immersive world, and determine your own destiny.

Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition

Is a Roblox open-world 3D roleplaying game that is free to play. Coolabi Group and Aldrich-Callen Studios published the game, which was launched on May 7th, 2021.

Warrior Cats Roblox Servers

Players can join any public server by going to the main Roblox page and logging in with their Roblox account. They can also join any server their friends are on or pay 200 Robux for a private server. The maximum number of participants on each server is 60. The game will automatically pick an available server when the player joins on a regular basis, therefore selecting a server is not required to play.

Warrior Cats Roblox Development

The game was first launched for beta testing on August 15, 2019, and was then officially released on May 7th, 2021.

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