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Create your own Warrior Cats Roblox and play roleplaying games in this official game based on the New York Times best-selling fantasy series “Warriors.” Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition is a Roblox game that lifts the “Warriors” series off the page and into the world of Roblox!

Make your own Warrior Cats Roblox and a narrative about them.

Choose between becoming a Warrior, a Medicine Cat, or a Clan Leader!

Investigate the Forest Territory and the Clans that call it home…

Make friends, form alliances, and figure out who your enemies are!

Construct your own storey in this immersive world, and determine your own destiny.

Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition

Is a Roblox open-world 3D roleplaying game that is free to play. Coolabi Group and Aldrich-Callen Studios published the game, which was launched on May 7th, 2021.

Warrior Cats Roblox Servers

Players can join any public server by going to the main Roblox page and logging in with their Roblox account. They can also join any server their friends are on or pay 200 Robux for a private server. The maximum number of participants on each server is 60. The game will automatically pick an available server when the player joins on a regular basis, therefore selecting a server is not required to play.

Warrior Cats Roblox Development

The game was first launched for beta testing on August 15, 2019, and was then officially released on May 7th, 2021. The game is published by Aldrich-Callen Studios and the Coolabi Group, a Working Partners company. Pavalineox was in charge of the programming and user interface, Vizavi of the terrain generation, and BaveIIy of the animations.The 3D modelling was also handled by Vizavi and BaveIIy.

The game is described as follows by Naomi Dare, the Coolabi Group’s Digital Director: “We’re thrilled to be launching a Warriors game on Roblox since we know how popular the platform is among 9–12 year olds, with more than half of this age group in the United States playing at least once a week. This is typically when people begin reading Warriors, so it will benefit not only our existing fan base who are desperate to role play in a Warriors environment, but it will also bring in new followers.”

Upcoming Developments

Moon phases for Gatherings and half-moon meetings, Prey and hunting mechanisms, StarClan and Dark Forest maps and models are among the upcoming developments planned by Alrich-Callen Studios.Natural calamities, on the other hand,A new accessory/inventory feature has been added.An original soundtrack, a possible sequel, and a number of event packs are all included.

Customize the Characters in Roblox Warrior Cats Accessories

Character customization is robust in the game, with players able to choose pre-set colours for the primary pelt, secondary pelt, markings, secondary markings, eyes, skin colour, bright accessories, and dull accessories.

On the desktop version, players can use the paintbrush tool to create individual markings and the advanced tool to edit particular parts. Ears, eyes, head, muzzle type, ear accessories, fur length on the tail, legs, and torso, as well as scars and neck accessories, are all customizable.

Some extras, like as different collar kinds, extra scars, and fur lengths, are only available for purchase or beta testing on their website. The character models are available in four sizes: kit, apprentice, young warrior, full-sized warrior, and extra large, with the last choice reserved for beta testers.

Warrior Cats Roblox

Players can create up to seven different characters in this game. The following is a complete list of the accessories; some can be stacked on top of one another, while others are mutually exclusive:

- Ear

- Ear tufts

- Normal ears

- Small ears

- Torn ears

- Folded ears(Extra ear types bundle only)

- Curled ears(Extra ear types bundle only)

- Eyes

- Normal eyes

- Lashes

- Heavy eyes

- Half-blind

- Blind

- Head

- Face mask

- Dual mask

- Half mask

- Brindle mask

- Pointed nose blaze

- Square nose blaze

- Eye markings

- Under eye markings

- Face stripes

- Head stripe

- Freckles

- Tired eyes

- Nostrils

- Muzzle pads

- Whisker pads

- Cheeks

- Caped mask(Extra markings bundle only)

- Nose speckles(Extra markings bundle only)

- Muzzle type

- Normal muzzle

- Short muzzle(Extra muzzle types bundle only)

- Long muzzle(Extra muzzle types bundle only)

- Ear accessories

- Single leaf

- Dual leaf

- Pointy leaves

- Smooth flower

- Spiky flower

- Monarch wing(VIP bundle only)

- Holly(Beta testers only)

- Maple leaf( Autumn leaf 2020 bundle only)

- Yellow butterfly wing(Nature accessory pack only)

- Moth wing(Nature accessory pack only)

- Fur

- Downwards head fur

- Outwards head fur

- Upwards head fur

- Chin tuft

- Top head fur

- Belly fur

- Back fur

- Arm fur

- Back leg fur

- Leg fur

- Wrist fur

- Downwards neck fur

- Neck fluff

- Neck fur

- Throat fur

- Mane(VIP bundle only)

- Tail

- Tail streak

- Normal tail

- Stub

- Tail fluff

- Slim plumed tail

- Plumed tail(VIP bundle only)

- Legs

- Soles

- Vine warps(VIP bundle only)

- Vine anklet(Nature accessory pack only)

- Torso

- Single back stripe

- Brindle

- Cape

- Caped stripes

- Spangles

- Stripes

- Swirls

- Leg stripes

- Splotches

- Striped splotches

- Rosettes(Extra markings bundle only)

- Rosetted marble(Extra markings bundle only)

- Scars

- Nose scar

- Back leg scar

- Back thigh scar

- Torso scar

- Shoulder scar

- Front leg scar

- Eye scar

- Dual eye scar(Extra scars bundle only)

- Chest scar(Extra scars bundle only)

- Body scar(Extra scars bundle only)

- Long scar(Extra scars bundle only)

- Neck accessories

- Collar

- Harness

- Bandanna

- Chest heart

- Star scarf(Sage badge only)

- Big bow(VIP bundle only)

- Bowtie(Kittypet accessories bundle only)

- Pearl collar(Kittypet accessories bundle only)

- Rhinestone collar(Kittypet accessories bundle only)

- Chain collar(Chain accessories bundle only)

- Triangle chain collar(Chain accessories bundle only)

- Heart chain collar(Chain accessories bundle only)

- Vine necklace(Nature accessories bundle only)

- Vine and rock necklace(Nature accessories bundle only)

- Flowering vine necklace(Nature accessories bundle only)

- Outfits

- Pirate Hat(Pirate Hat Outfit bundle only)

- Pirate Soles(Pirate Hat Outfit bundle only)

- Bat Wing Harness(Bat Wing Harness bundle only)

Warrior Cats Roblox Ultimate Edition Gameplay

Players can play in one of six worlds and allegiances after designing their character: ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, rogues and loners, and kittypets. The territories are open-world, featuring Clan camps, the Twolegplace, Fourtrees, the Moonstone, and other locations from the woodland regions.

A twenty-minute day and night cycle, as well as a conversation system, are included in the game. Moss, shells, leaves, toys, and numerous herbs that spawn spontaneously in the world can all be picked up one at a time. Kits can be picked up and carried by players with the apprentice build or higher.

A globe border surrounds the map, as well as weather that is produced at random, such as cloudy sky, rain, and thunderstorms. A fall updated map depicting the forest territories in autumn was issued in October 2021.

Fans now have the locations and information they need to begin their Warriors roleplaying with these tools. Players can participate in events held on the official Discord server or create their own roleplay.

Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition


Borage, chervil, yarrow, dock leaves, poppy seeds, catmint, juniper berries, thyme, moss, and cobwebs are among the 10 herb items that spawn in the overworld. Players can only have one item in their mouth at a time, and these goods can only be stored in little quantities in the medicine cat’s nest.

While the herbs can be found around the world, some are only available in specific places in order to keep the book realistic. Moss, for example, can be found on trees and rocks near water sources, cobwebs can be found in tunnels and concealed burrows, and catmint grows around Twoleg development. Poultices made from chervil, for example, can be used at least four times.

Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition : Control

On mobile, players move the character by pressing the left side of the screen ahead and the right side to move the camera. The right-hand toggle determines how fast the character moves: crouch, walk, trot, canter, and sprint. When the player can leap, an arrow appears beneath the character; however, if the player is using canter or sprint, the character will jump automatically. Clans, postures, editor, character exchange, change information, Starpedia, and choices are all found in the bottom row, from left to right. Players can also use an additional toggle from the postures menu to unsheathe their claws in Warrior Cats Roblox.

On the desktop, Q/E toggles the speed, V drops held items, M toggles the minimap, mouse scrolling zooms in and out, right clicking and dragging changes the camera, and Shift+P toggles the overlay. Keyboard shortcuts can be used to activate the poses, and a list of commands can be found in the table below.

Character models with the rank of apprentice or higher can pick up and carry kits. To do so, the other player’s pick-up requests must be enabled. In Warrior Cats Roblox When the player’s mouse is near a kit, it should convert into a cat icon. When you click on the kit, a menu appears that allows you to submit a pick-up request to the other player. If the other player agrees, the player is free to carry the kit around. The player in Warrior Cats Roblox can drop the kit using a toggle at the top, however the kit also has the option of dropping on its own.

Control List




Move character


Touch screen (left)

Move camera

Right click

Touch screen (right)

Zoom In/Out


Touch screen

Change speed




Space bar

Icon when moving

Pick up/drop items






Loaf sit












Back lay



Crouch sit



Side sleep



Side rest



Flat sleep






Sticks, flowers, shells, leaves, moss, cobwebs, herbs, and cat toys are among the goods that characters can transport from the overworld. Players can only carry one object at a time, and a pop-up will tell them whether they should carry or drop something.

Warrior Cats Roblox

Editor — Warrior Cats Roblox

Returning to the character customization editor is possible via the editor tab.

Change Information

Under Warrior Cats Roblox, this tab allows players to give their character a name and a description, as well as adjust their character’s size. At the top, the character’s name is displayed in an allegiance-specific colour. Cats belonging to the ShadowClan, RiverClan, ThunderClan, and Kittypet clans, for example, have red names, RiverClan cats have red names, ThunderClan cats have yellow names, and kittypets have pink names. Because Roblox’s filter prevents players from using commonly-styled Warriors names, many gamers use a space or an apostrophe instead. Tail’fur or Tail fur, for example. Below the character’s name is the character’s description, and below that is the player’s game name.

Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition Clans

Warrior Cats Roblox players can teleport to different Clans’ camps and shift allegiances using the Clans tab. There’s also a map option, albeit it’s rather basic.


Your character in Warrior Cats Roblox can morph into a variety of postures, or animations; but, if the player wants to move, they must click on the pose again. Back lay, crouch sit, side sleep, side rest, stretch, front lay, and flat sleep are some of the options. With a toggle, players can sheathe and unsheathe their claws. Having unsheathed claws equipped, on the other hand, does not damage other players.


The in-game guide is known as Starpedia, and it contains information about Clan territory, herb resources, and legend. Clan life, names, StarClan, the Dark Forest, the Moonstone, and Fourtrees are all covered in the legend. The warrior code, Clan responsibilities, and Clan vocabulary are also included. A quick description of the Clans in Warrior Cats Roblox and significant sites, as well as teleoperations to them, may be found in the Clan territory section.

Warrior Cats Roblox Settings

Users can toggle for flashing lights, bright evenings, showing players’ Roblox names, usernames, bios, and den names, as well as extra animations, in the settings option. There’s also a setting to allow Warrior Cats Roblox Player to request that you be picked up as a kit, as well as higher-quality rain.


The Sandy Hollow, Sunningrocks, Snakerocks, and the Owl Tree are all part of ThunderClan’s area. Although there is a tunnel leading to ThunderClan’s camp, it is possible to tumble through it.


The camp, the river, the gorge, the Twoleg bridge, and the Twoleg nest are all part of RiverClan’s domain. Players can dive into the gorge’s river, swim in it, and run-jump along its sides. On the WindClan side, there is an entrance to a tunnel that leads to Outlook Rock in WindClan. In the middle of camp, players can also glitch jump into a tree.


The Carrionplace, the Thunderpath, and the ShadowClan’s camp are all part of ShadowClan’s territory. Warrior Cats Roblox player can glitch jump onto the tree at the camp’s edge.

WildClan Territory

The area of WindClan includes its camp, Outlook Rock, tunnels, and Fourtrees. WindClan’s camp, like the novels, lacks a distinct warriors’ or apprentices’ den, though there is a spare den if several players want to sleep in one. Its domain leads to the Moonstone and the Highstones. Outlook Rock has a tunnel that leads to the canyon below, where players can glitch jump onto one of the trees at Fourtrees.


Warrior Cats Roblox player that choose to live as kittypets can do so in the Twolegplace, which is located just beyond ThunderClan’s domain. Players can visit and explore one Twoleg nest as well as the Treecutplace. Inside the Twoleg nest, players can interact with cat toys, cat food, and water, as well as flip light switches. The Twolegplace is surrounded by a tall stone wall, which players can climb to stare out over the forest. This is also where you’ll find catmint.

Barley’s Farm

Players can dwell on Barley’s farm or in any of the unclaimed lands outside of the Clans as a rogue or loner. Warrior Cats Roblox player can enter the barn and climb the boxes to the loft at the top. The barn door and light switches can also be used by the players. This is also where you’ll find catmint.


The Moonstone is located at the bottom right going from WindClan’s domain, in the Highstones. The top of Highstones is inaccessible.

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