Wobbly Life Artifacts — Metal Detector 2022

About the Game and Wobbly Life Artifacts

Your grandmother throws you out and tells you to obtain a job so you can make money because you spend all your time playing video games. You can purchase a house to crash in, a car to drive, pets to adore, and some stylish attire to show off your unique style in the Wobbly Life universe. Or you may just have fun and take advantage of the numerous amusements and props that are dispersed over the island. Races, puzzles, and numerous mysteries are all there for the taking.

Because this game is in Early Access and being updated, more content and bug patches should be expected. With each significant update to the game’s content, new songs are added to the soundtrack, which is also buyable. Communication with the developers is either possible through their website or the discord server, where they also operate a store selling stuff.

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Wobbly Life - All Treasures Locations - WIP Guide - A Couple Notes - E381AE0
Wobbly Life - All Treasures Locations - WIP Guide - The Map - 4364BD0



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