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Everyone is welcome to join us right now. By reading the following sentences, you can find out more about the improvements, codes, and other important issues: Wobbly Life Artifacts. Open-world sandbox game Wobbly Life was conceptually influenced by Human Fall Flat..

About the Game and Wobbly Life Artifacts

Your grandmother throws you out and tells you to obtain a job so you can make money because you spend all your time playing video games. You can purchase a house to crash in, a car to drive, pets to adore, and some stylish attire to show off your unique style in the Wobbly Life universe. Or you may just have fun and take advantage of the numerous amusements and props that are dispersed over the island. Races, puzzles, and numerous mysteries are all there for the taking.

Because this game is in Early Access and being updated, more content and bug patches should be expected. With each significant update to the game’s content, new songs are added to the soundtrack, which is also buyable. Communication with the developers is either possible through their website or the discord server, where they also operate a store selling stuff.

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Wobbly Life - All Treasures Locations - WIP Guide - A Couple Notes - E381AE0

The Map

Wobbly Life - All Treasures Locations - WIP Guide - The Map - 4364BD0

How to Read

Each “X” denotes a treasure unique to a museum exhibit, as indicated by the color of the “X.”

— Red = Wobblysaurus-Rex

— Purple = Dinosaurs

— Orange = Gold

— Brown = Caveman

— Green = Jungle

— Pink = Fossil

You can check the numbers on each “X” against the data in the “The Treasures” section. And certainly, there are now some numbers that are missing to enable future organization.

Some inscriptions point to the entrance rather than the precise location of a hidden treasure.

The “Xs” that indicate a specific treasure map (such as Hard Map from North Map Vendor) are merely my observations. Never use these… simply continue working on the treasure map.

The Treasures

Wobblysaurus-Rex {Red}

1: Tail Bone (Free Roam Dig)

2: Arm (Hard Map from Main City Vendor)

3: Jaw (No Dig, Requires Pickaxe or Bomp Prop) **See Note Below

4: Leg (Hard Map from North Vendor)

Dinosaurs {Purple}

5: Dinosaur Egg (Free Roam Dig)

6: Mosquito Fossilized in Amber Resin (No Dig, In the Secret Lab) **See Note Below

Gold {Orange}

7: Golden Sceptre (No Dig, In Knight’s Vault) **See Note Below

8: Golden Ring (Buy for 500 Coins at Main City Treasure Map Vendor)

Caveman {Brown}

9: First Wheel (Free Roam Dig)

10: Wobbly Pizza (Hard Map from Main City Map Vendor)

11: Spear (Hard Map from Main City Map Vendor)

12: Fossilized Present (No Dig, Found By Smashing Hay in Farm Area) **See Note Below

Jungle {Green}

19: Venus Fly Trap (No Dig)

20: Wobbly Bomb (No Dig, In Big Temple Maze) **See Note Below

Fossil {Pink}

23: Shell (Free Roam Dig)

24: Shark Tooth (Free Roam Dig)

Wobblysaurus-Rex Jaw

— The cave entrance on the seashore is where you can find the jaw, a no-dig item (as indicated by the X.) Either a pickaxe prop or a bomb prop is required. You’ll see a cracked rock on the left side as you approach the cave entrance. The jaw will be present whether you use a tool to crack it open or a bomb to blow it up.

Mosquito Fossilized in Amber Resin

— Gain entry to the hidden lab, then head to the shrinking room. Next, locate the wall crack that leads to the mother spider. You may find the treasure on the ground floor of the space, concealed by a red pipe. (For access information, see the guide on the secret spider outfit.)

Golden Sceptre

— On the table in the Knight’s Vault is the Golden Sceptre. To unlock the vault, simply obtain the Knight’s Sword while it is raining on Jungle Island, bring it to the knight’s cave, and insert it into the sword slot. (Access information can be found in a guide on Knight Outfit.)

Fossilized Present

— By using a car to destroy hay bales on the farm island, one can discover the Fossilized Present. As you crush, keep an eye out for the prize to spawn. Though I wouldn’t be shocked if you can use other vehicles, I discovered it when using a tractor. Come on, smash!

Wobbly Bomb

— Access the large temple, then go until you reach the entrance to the maze. Enter the first doorway on your right, enter the next door, and then turn right immediately away. The hidden treasure will be in the back, in the right corner. Access to the temple can be found in the “The Temple Puzzles” guide.

Pineapple Drink Artifact

— You can access the artifact by zipline up at the golf course if you don’t have the propeller hat for easy access.

— You just need to jump up the trampoline there and past the wooden plank once you’ve entered the building to get to the relic.

Flower Artifact

— You must first find the entrance to the cave, which is situated just off the ledge of the golf course.

— The glowing green flower is then yours if you can make it across the hurdles (or just fly over if you have the propeller hat).

Emerald Golf Ball

— I needed the most time to work out this one.

— You must proceed to the Wobbly Woods statue in front of the golf club and strike the stone golf ball against the statue with a club (i used the putter).

Golden Golf Club

— The Golden Golf Club is locked in a cabinet inside the golf club building; a wall-mounted hint points to the location of the key.

— Hey, you didn’t click on this directory to find the Club, did you?

— The key is thus concealed behind this tiny bench in the midst of the mansion maze.

— By the way, all you need to enter the mansion is a means to get past the gate; you don’t need to be the owner.

Golf Ball Pet

— The tiny golf ball pet is located at the hole with the skee ball circles, which I assume to be the last hole.

— You only need to leap into the middle hole to land in golf (I dubbed it golf, so that’s what I’m calling them)

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