Wordle of the day 2022 & Updates (Todays Wordle answer)

About the Game and Wordle of the day

One: On October 20, 2027, Wordle will expire. On that day, the participants who are still in the game will attempt to guess the 2,315 five-letter words that make up the game’s final phase.

Two: When you play a game, all 2,315 words are saved directly in your browser. When you connect to the website, a clever script that determines what day it is on your device and displays the appropriate puzzle is downloaded. The screenplay includes all of the words that are permissible for guessing as well as every puzzle’s past, present, and future solution.

Here is every Wordle answer that could possibly be found for the next 2,100 days or so. If you’re the type of person who reads all the movie spoilers, jumps to the end of books to find out what happens, and generally despises waiting, you’ll appreciate this.

What can I do with this?

— Reminisce on past successes

— Make others believe you possess ESP

— At last defeated Sue in Accounting

— Transmit messages in code

— Prepare for Twitter drama (February has a really hard word)



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